About us

The story and values of Sapori di Bea

My name is Beatrice Tortora, I am an “agricoltrice” who lives and works in Abbateggio, one of the most beautiful villages in the Majella National Park, within the province of Pescara, Abruzzo. My true passion in life is from the production, transformation and safeguarding of traditional and antique grains developed and cultivated in this beautiful part of the Majella.

My story began many years ago when I was working as a mountain guide for a visitor centre, taking educational excursions, providing insight on the history and transformation of our local environment. This was a fundamental experience which allowed me to better understand the history of the territory, step by step, and summit after summit. Now, in retelling stories of the history and evolution of the zone to children, it has led to my great desire to preserve and promote our environment.

Hence the shift to an agricultural way of living was an easy and natural one, assisted greatly by my husband Gino, who grew up here in Abbateggio, lived here his whole life and shares my passion. Together, with Gino’s knowledge in working the land we created Sapori di Bea, a farm that worked to re discover old varieties of grain and natural products that had historically grown within the Majella. In 1991, this began with our re discovery of spelt, “farro”, which is a wonderful natural grain, that had been long forgotten.

Today Sapori di Bea is a multifunctional and family run Agriturismo, farm and educational farming school. Our establishment offers a tranquil and idyllic setting from which to be able to explore a natural and unspoilt region of Italy that has not been overtaken with tourism. From which, we also prepare delicious, traditional cuisine from our region, made with natural products for our guests to enjoy during their stay.