Our Products

Ancient grains, homemade jams
and freshly grown vegetables from Sapori di Bea

Sapori di Bea produces ancient grains such as barley, wheat solina, saragolla as well as growing fresh fruit which is made into homemade jams and fresh vegetables. Our aims and values considered throughout production of all of our products are those of maintaining traditional crops of the region that have been grown here for centuries and in growing them in line with traditional techniques and processes whilst aiming to rediscover further historic methods for their production.

In utilising ancient techniques we are able to grow our products without the use of pesticides and other chemical products, which is what provides our products with their amazing qualities from both the perspective of nutrients and natural flavour.

Our products are in summary, sustainably grown food types which are traditional to the region, grown with a passion for the use of traditional methods of farming and a love of good quality, seasonable food.